CEO Trinh Thanh Binh, representative of Nguyen Trai University, attended the International Workshop in Thailand

On the afternoon of January 31, 2020, Dr. Trinh Thanh Binh – CEO of Nguyen Trai University represented the university to attend the International Conference on “Successful Strategies: “Growing your business in a future”. Hybrid instability in Bangkok, Thailand.

Executive Director of Nguyen Trai University – PhD. Trinh Thanh Binh had a business trip to Thailand as a guest speaker at the International Conference on “Successful Strategy:” Growing your business in an uncertain future”. Topic that TS. Trinh Thanh Binh was invited to give a presentation at this International Conference, “Globalization Strategy of and Development Vietnam’s Private Higher Education Sector: Case Study of Nguyen Trai University”.

The seminar was held at Arnoma Hotel Bangkok with the participation of more than 200 delegates from seven countries: India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, ThaiLand and Vietnam. Speakers attending the seminar were from many countries, including: Mr. Pridiyathorn Devakula – Former Deputy Prime Minister, and Thai Finance Minister, Mr. Piti Sithi-Amnual – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bangkok Bank, Mr. Nikil Kamath – Director of Kamran Energy Control India, Mr. Dennis Firmansjah – General Secretary of ASEAN Financial Services Association, Indonesia, Dr. Tanai Charinsarn International Strategic Management Consulting, Ms. Coranzon Tecson Jimenez – Head of AIM project management office, and Dr. Trinh Thanh Binh – CEO of Nguyen Trai University.

The main theme of the Workshop focused on “Successful strategies for business development in a turbulent future”. The speakers focused on the context of the uncertainties of the global, regional and individual economies in geopolitical tensions, trade wars, and the impact of crises. This is due to the fact that the economy of CoronaVirus is going to globalization process and global economy. Lessons drawn from failed experiences.

Representing speakers from Vietnam, PhD. Trinh Thanh Binh – CEO of Nguyen Trai University gave a remarkable speech on: “Globalization and Survival Strategy of private universities in Vietnam: Case studies of Nguyen Trai university ”. Accordingly, grasping the trends and opportunities brought about by globalization, Nguyen Trai University is the first university to pioneer in training “Global Citizens” human resources to provide quality and satisfying resources. meet the needs of the supply chains for multinational corporations, foreign enterprises and businesses and organizations participating in the global supply chain.