Coach PARK HANG-SEO – NTU’s great friend

If for many years, Korea with a huge investment in Vietnam has become a great friend of Vietnam. Especially, for nearly 2 years, with great contributions to Vietnamese football, Coach Park Hang-seo is the most genuine embodiment of Vietnam – Korea friendship. And with the pioneer university in exchanging and cooperating with Korea, Coach Park Hang-seo is a true friend !!!


Enhance the relationship between Vietnam and Korea – “Messenger” Park Hang-seo

Amazingly, the thing that warms up the Vietnam – Korea bilateral relationship in the past 2 years has come from “Football”. Vietnamese fans have had an ecstatic year for the male soccer team, to live in the wonderful atmosphere brought by football,  and we cannot help but mention the coach’s merit – the “messenger” Park Hang-seo. When remembering this “captain” – the image of rich discipline, deep love of the peole of  Kimchi land appeared in the eyes of Vietnamese people.

Coach Park Hang-seo and Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan – President of Nguyen Trai University

Standing on the stage in football matches and on the streets after the victory, the Korean flag sometimes appears next to Vietnam’s red-yellow flag. In Korea, the miracles of Vietnamese football are printed in banners hung everywhere in Sancheong district, west of South Gyeongsang Province – Mr Park’ hometown ; The matches of the Vietnamese team took the television broadcast during the “golden” time frame in Korea, reaching a record rating.

It is not just football, but it must be placed in its more important position as “sports diplomacy”. Sport is the common “language” of mankind, therefore, “sports diplomacy” has inherent power.

Coach Park Hang-seo and many Vietnamese-Korean officials and businessmen at the friendly Goft  tournament of Nguyen Trai University

And at NTU, Mr. Park is the “catalyst” to help the exchange and cooperation relationship between Nguyen Trai University and non-governmental organizations, corporations, enterprises from Korea getting better and better. and durable. Along with that, Mr. Park helps Vietnamese youth in general and NTU students in particular  love the Korean people, country and the Korean language.

Coach Park Hang-seo and many Vietnamese-Korean officials and businessmen attended an intimate meal with Nguyen Trai University


The recent miracle of Vietnamese football is no different from the fragrant flowers that still rise vigorously and consistently bloom on the barren land. And the man with the magic hand, the clear mind and the passionate heart that drew flowers on the ground is Coach Park Hang-seo. Vietnamese people have a way of calling and respecting this coach is ‘Mr. Park’.

HLV Park Hang-seo giao lưu, truyền cảm hứng cho các bạn trẻ

Nếu yêu mến và dõi theo mỗi bước đi của thầy Park trong khoảng thời gian ngắn ngủi gắn bó với bóng đá Việt, ta dễ dàng bắt gặp một con người vượt khó, sẵn sàng vượt qua rào cản về ngôn ngữ, văn hóa, phong tục để kiên trì, nhẫn nại thổi một làn gió mới vào từng đôi chân trên sân cỏ.

Coach Park Hang-seo exchanges and inspires young people

If we love and follow Mr. Park’s every step in a short time with Vietnamese football, we easily come across a person who is overcome difficulties, ready to overcome barriers of language, culture and style. perseverance, patiently blowing a new breeze into every pair of feet on the pitch.

Nguyen Trai University student gave flowers to Park Hang – Seo coach at NTU Friendship Golf Tournament

Difficulties always go hand in hand with every step in the movement of the new. The challenge from the deep in nature nurtured talents to have the opportunity to shine. If each person cultivates the motivation to overcome difficulties and endeavors to overcome challenges, all obstacles on the road can be leveled and create miracles. The reality and the great dance moves of the Vietnamese football team on the continental competitions have proved that.

Coach Park Hang-seo and Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan – President of Nguyen Trai University interacted with NTU students

On many occasions to meet and interact with Mr. Park, through his special stories on the journey to overcome challenges wih Vietnamese football mentioned above, he instilled fire for the young NTU: “You are having difficulties. and deadlock in life? Look at Mr. Park’s life for courage, hope and the right choice. ”

Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan and officials, lecturers, staff of Nguyen Trai University presented souvenirs to Park Hang-seo coach
And with so many followings how Mr. Park responded to the press about his players, then saw how he treated each player like his child and now witnessed the hug he gave to each player before returning home to hae Tet holiday , Mr. Park helped NTU teachers – educators who are deeply absorbed in the love and educational method of a devoted teacher. Loving students  is a necessary quality of each teacher on the podium. Besides, the teacher must understand the strengths of each student to be able to cultivate talents and foster learners’ talents. More importantly, the teacher must instill a strong belief in each of his students that ‘I can do it!’, ‘I can do better!’ … so that every step of the student  will give him a strong motivation.  “Coach Park Hang-seo is a talented but humble leader. Everywhere he did his best with devotion. He is like a diligent farmer who sows good seeds for the future”