Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan – Private entrepreneur dedicated to Education

On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’39; Day 11/20, we would like to send our most sincere thanks to the founder of Nguyen Trai University, the former soldier who founded the university to pay back his life and gratitude his team – Dr.Nguyen Tien Luan.

Young men at the front of Military Region 5:

Surely every student or alumnus of Nguyen Trai University has at least once heard about the youth story

of our respected Headmaster. The youth of Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan is at the battlefield – where so many of

his teammates fought heroically and lay down so that the country would be peaceful and independent.

And for him, to be returned is not only happiness, but also the opportunity to continue to dedicate and

desire for himself and for his sacrificed teammates.

Returning after the rain of bombs and fire of war, with a burning dream of being devoted, the teacher was sent to Germany to study by the State, then returned to work in the fields of museums, newspapers, and fine arts. Although he has many opportunities to grow into a senior manager, the art exhibitions at home and abroad have turned the second soldier into a successful businessman.

Aspiration to repay debt and gratitude to teammates:

And after years of efforts with great determination of the teacher, on February 5, 2008, Nguyen Trai

University – the university full of enthusiasm and aspirations of Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan – officially

established. This is less expected because for an entrepreneur, a doctorate in economics like him,

investing in many other fields will return much higher profits. But the teacher who devoted all his

enthusiasm to the students is also to give himself an opportunity to contribute to the improvement and

enhancement of Vietnam’s education, rather than to fulfill his dream his comrades at the age of 18, 20 in

the past.

He once shared, “The greatest aspiration of my life is to live to pay my debts and to be grateful to my

teammates. The greatest reward of my life is student success. The greatest desire of my life is to help

students succeed faster than lecturers…". Perhaps these are the words from the heart he wants to send

to his students.

Setting up a university is difficult, to develop it "to become one of the leading universities in Vietnam and

the region" as the goal of the first day setting up the school project is much more difficult. For him, the

biggest concern is how to get students after graduating 100% to get a job because according to the

teacher: "Do graduate and then unemployed, what's the reputation?". He said that the fact that your

students graduate without a job is a crime of the teacher. Therefore, how to find good methods, the best

method to help your students stand firm when stepping out of the university gate is the common concern

of many lecturers.

Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan with education:

After much time thinking with the desire to find solutions to help his students quickly find jobs after

graduation, Dr. Luan and teachers of Nguyen Trai University have applied the "dual training" model since

year 2013. The program is a collaboration between schools and businesses to teach students and put

students into practice in businesses. This is a program that is considered to be very effective, useful for

students, giving them the opportunity to access to practice and hone their practical skills. With the

application of this model, his greatest hope is to help his students graduate 100% have jobs.

Promoting outstanding results after more than 10 years of operation, in the coming years, Mr. Luan and

his teachers in the university’s Board of Directors have set new directions and goals to grasp the current

trend. in the field of globalcitizens – Supplying high quality human resources for foreign businesses,

especially Japan and Korea.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goal, lecturers and students of Nguyen Trai University

need to innovate their creative minds. First priority is to implement the On-the-spot study model

to the On-the-spot education export model. through cooperation with high-class universities in

South Korea and Japan to open new fields of study that have not been trained or developed in

Vietnam such as: Startup creation industry, Artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 – Digital

Technology, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Automation and Design, Rapid deployment

of Urban construction investment

International Smart University in Ha Dong District, Hanoi City with an area of 34 ha ”..

Receive the responsibility to impart to young people knowledge and life skills; Dr. Luan still dedicates
himself day and night to the education cause to do well. Let’s wish him a lot of health so he can continue
to help more generations of students to devote to the education of the country.

Some photos of Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan: