JEJU National University – South Korea visits and works at Nguyen Trai University

JEJU National University – Korea visited and worked at Nguyen Trai University (NTU). A meaningful visit and marked the strong cooperation between the two universities in the future.

Accordingly, JEJU National University will sponsor students studying Korean at NTU a mini Korean book of Korean literature, novels, comics … to support students studying Korean. better. At the same time, the two universities are aiming for important cooperation contents such as: “International student exchange”; 2 + 2 curriculum (2 years at NTU and 2 years at JEJU National University).

An important strategy of NTU is training and supplying high quality human resources for Korean and Japanese enterprises. NTU is the only university to become an official member of the Korean Business Association in Vietnam – Korcham, as a personnel training unit for nearly 5,000 Korean businesses operating in Vietnam. . Therefore, expanding the cooperative relationship with enterprises, government agencies, universities and colleges of Korea is the first priority of NTU.