Joint training program 2 + 2: Studying in Vietnam and Korea – What opportunities for NTU students?

2 years of studying in Vietnam and 2 years of studying in Korea, after graduating, receive bachelor’s degrees from 2 universities (Nguyen Trai University and famous universities in Korea) is a joint training program 2 + 2 integrates many preeminent points for NTU students.

NTU cooperates with prestigious Korean universities to create favorable conditions for students to study well

   Introduction of 2 + 2 program – Korean study abroad scholarship

  • Nguyen Trai University (Vietnam) is approved by the President to allow 100% of NTU students to study abroad at prestigious universities in Korea and receive certain scholarships during their studies. Specifically:
  • When participating in a 2 + 2 joint training program, students are granted a bachelor’s degree with a bachelor’s degree from two universities: Nguyen Trai University (Vietnam) and the prestigious associate university in Korea Quoc.
  •  Receive a certain scholarship gap for 2 years of studyng  in Korea.

Mr. Park Sang Shik – Former Korean Consulate General in Vietnam – Vice President of Korean Cooperation at NTU brings many learning and employment opportunities for students

Advantages of 2 + 2 joint training program

  •  Nguyen Trai University and Korea University will help students find part-time jobs and formal jobs at Korean companies during and after graduation.
  •  NTU’s Korean Student Support Office will help students solve any problems in Korea.
  •  Participating in a 2 + 2 joint training program exclusively for NTU students is not only an opportunity to help students who have just studied at one of the leading applied universities in Vietnam, but also to help students with opportunities to study at prestigious universities in Korea – the country with the current education, economy, culture, socio-politics in the world.
  •  Besides, participating in the program also helps students to expand their understanding of culture, people and especially improve the level of Korean language, thereby enabling students to grasp many job opportunities. do attractive at Korean businesses.

President of NTU – Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan and President of Woosuk University – Mr. Changhun Seo during the signing ceremony of cooperation between the two universities

The project to establish the Korean Cultural Institute at NTU – The No. 1 learning and employment opportunity for students

  •  NTU intends to establish the Korean Cultural Institut to further promote exchanges with leading Korean universities.
  • The Korean Cultural Institute event includes: Korean Training Center; Center for promoting Korean culture; Korean language assessment center; Center for distributing Korean books and learning materials; Korea Study Abroad Support Center, and Korea Employment Service Center
  •  Expected to open a support center for international students of NTU in the process of studying abroad and supporting post-graduate employment.

Korea Language Center

With the appointment of the Director of the Cultural Institute who is a professor at Seoul National University – Korea’s No. 1 University, the center will provide top quality Korean language courses.

Korean Culture Promotion Center

  •  The center offers short-term courses and programs related to Korean culture such as: Cooking Course, Beauty Course, and organizing K-Pop programs …
  •  Korea Language Proficiency Test Center – Expected to apply for a Topik exam in August 2019
  •  Organizing Korean language proficiency exams for Topik certificates at all levels.

NTU appoints ChongHan Oh Lawyer as Director of International Project Development Office to bring many cooperation opportunities between Nguyen Trai  university and prestigious universities in Korea

Korean Textbook und Materials Publishing Center

Compilation and publication of Korean books and documents with the best quality, the most suitable price to help Vietnamese students minimize the cost of Korean textbooks.

Korean Education Support Center

The center will advise and provide information related to studying in Korea as well as support the visa application process for students of Nguyen Trai University; shuttle students from the airport; take care of accommodation for students; visa extension support for students …

Korean Employment Support Center

Students will be assisted and assisted in finding part-time jobs during their studies and formal employment after graduation.

Nguyen Trai University: Prioritizing human resources for Korean & Japanese enterprises

Because of the great success of NTU students.