K19 students excitedly participated in real-life interviews at the enterprise “Plowing the wallet” with the semester to experience

A large number of K19 students from Nguyen Trai University excitedly participated in real-life interviews at enterprises. This is one of the activities of the experienced semester for NTU freshmen.

With the model of university training applying 70% of practice; 30% of theory, Nguyen Trai University organizes practical experience programs at businesses and community contribution activities for students. Not only do they experience real business activities, students also learn about problems during the implementation of work or projects. In particular, students also receive a salary suitable to the position and the job. In the interview with hiring interns working for MM Mega Market Vietnam on November 27, 2019, K19 NTU students had an interesting experience in the first interview, meeting with home Recruitment of large businesses.

Hopefully, the semester of experience for new students K19 will bring you more excitement, experience and help you accumulate a lot of knowledge, experience, especially getting a well-paid salary.

Some photos of the interview: