NTU students presented 200 gifts to children in Na Ngoi, Nghe An in the “New Year of Love” program in 2020

Wishing the difficult lives will be warmed with small gifts but full of love, full of warmth, love. Recently, on December 28 and 29, 2019, a group of students from Nguyen Trai University visited and organized the “Loving New Year” charity program for poor students at Na Ngoi  primary school 2 (Phu Kha 2 school site), Ky Son district, Nghe An province.

Na Ngoi 2 primary school (Phu Kha 2 school site), Ky Son district, Nghe An province

Na Ngoi 2 Primary School is located at Phu Kha 2 village, where the temperature is low all year round, sometimes it drops to 1-2 degrees Celsius and icy. Na Ngoi is a border commune of Ky Son district – One of the 9 poorest districts of the country, so the lives of people here are still difficult. Na Ngoi 2 Primary School has 1 main school site and 6 odd schools, the farthest odd point is 16 km from the main campus. The terrain is very rugged but also very majestic.  Pu Lai Leng mountain has a peak of 2,711 m, is the highest mountain of Nghe An and the whole Truong Son system and it is included in UNESCO’s list of places in western Nghe An Biosphere Reserve.

The terrain is so rugged, but with great determination and enthusiasm of the youth, the student body reached and met the teachers and the students here. It was not until the site that the students realized and shared with the difficult lives of ethnic students as well as the teaching and learning of teachers and students here. After the misty peaks, they almost never know a new shirt, candy or a box of Tet cakes. Looking at the dirty faces and the shy looks of many students, I am sure the members of the delegation also found themselves here properly.

The delegation from Nguyen Trai University gave the students and  pupils here more than 200 gifts including school supplies, necessary personal items such as candies, clothes, books. , pencils, wool hats, coats, umbrellas, …. from the sponsors, benefactors through the program sent to help the children here have a fuller, warmer Tet holiday, and partly help them. overcoming difficulties and deprivations, having a better life to continue going to school to find the word.

The program was more and more warm and meaningful with special welcome dance performances from the pupils here and exchange performances from students of Nguyen Trai University with songs like Like spring flowers, Pollen dust, Big bracelet, Vietnam, …

And for the pupils at Na Ngoi 2 Primary School to be less shy and closer to everyone, the students of Nguyen Trai University organized a game “Riddles to receive gifts” for pupils  here. The game has received a great response from the pupils, thereby helping to add to the program’s success.

The volunteer trip left a good impression in the hearts of the pupils in particular and the compatriots, the local authorities of Na Ngoi Commune, Ky Son District in general on the image of the hearts of sharing and timely supporting the planet, spirit, material to encourage sharing the difficulties encountered in the lives of ethnic minorities, especially poor upland children in the upcoming New Year, to improve the traditional morality” Torn leaves ”of the Vietnamese nation. Hopefully the meaningful actions of the collective students of Nguyen Trai University will contribute to spreading love, lighting up hope for a bright future for ethnic minorities in Na Ngoi Commune, District Ky Son, Nghe An Province.