NTU students temporarily left the lecture hall to fly to the dream horizon of Singapore

In the afternoon of October 15, the farewell ceremony took place for students to practice and work in Singapore. Attending the program were Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, President of Nguyen Trai University, Leaders of faculties, teachers, parents and students of all industries.

After passing the rigorous interview of the employer of the international cruise group Universal Cruise Ship Management with very strict standard requirements, NTU students excelled to become members of the group, working on luxury 5-star yachts. Meeting all foreign languages, expertise and appearance, the students will start studying and working from October 17.

The representative of the yacht shared “The students of Nguyen Trai University are very active and intelligent. We hope that, Nguyen Trai University will be the source of human resources for us in all recruitment periods, because it is difficult to have a unit that has staff with professional and soft skills as good as here. ”

The program gives NTU students the opportunity to experience their industry-specific internships in professional, modern and international environments. After the program, in addition to professional skills, students also accumulate themselves with soft skills in communication, presentation, persuasion, and especially foreign language skills. The program gives students an income of 10 million/month right from the first year of unversity. This is a desirable income for all students. NTU is strongly committed to providing students with a learning environment, international experience, and comprehensive development. Offers employment opportunities with high income.

After the farewell party, students will prepare and fly officially In October 17. Subscribe and cheer for NTU students during their 1 year journey in Singapore.