Solemnly held the Signing Ceremony of Internship Program between Nguyen Trai University and Oushu Akiuonsen Rantei Japan Company

Today, July 29, 2019, Nguyen Trai University and Oushu Akiuonsen Rantei Japan solemnly held the Signing Ceremony of the Internship program, opening up promising cooperation between the two units, creating good conditions for NTU students participate in paid internship program: Studying in Vietnam – Working in Japan.

Coming to the program, from Nguyen Trai University, there were:

Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan – Chairman of the Board of Directors, President of Nguyen Trai University

Mr. Park Sang Shik – Former Consulate General of Korea in Vietnam – Vice President in charge of Korean Foreign Affairs of NTU

Dr. Ngo Doan Duc, Vice President of the University, Dr. Nguyen Van Hung, Deputy Director of the Creative Startup Institute.

On the side of Oushu Akiuonsen Rantei Company

The presence of Ms. Sachiko Sugawara – Director of Oushu Akiuonsen Rantei Company (Rantei Hotel)

Mr. Suzuki – Representative in charge of Rantei Internship Program

The signing ceremony of the Internship program between Nguyen Trai University and Japanese Oushu Akiuonsen Rantei Company took place successfully in the presence of staff, university students and partner representatives. Thereby, creating favorable conditions for NTU students to experience in a luxurious, professional Rantei hotel in Japan and receive attractive salaries right from their second year of university.

Ms. Sachiko Sugawara also spent time exchanging and sharing with NTU students about opportunities, criteria and did not forget to mention her sincere feelings with the two trainees Ham Huong and Van Anh who are practicing at the Rantei Hotel. She shared: “Ham Huong and Phuong Anh are very hard working, enthusiastic and loved by everyone in the company. Every week, the company organized a weekend picnic and  both of them are excited to participate. Certainly when they finish their internship back to Nguyen Trai University we will miss them so much. And we believe that the next trainee students will leave a good impression on our hearts as Ham Huong and Van Anh. ”

The sharing of the simple and psychological director Sachiko Sugawara makes NTU teachers and students excited and seems to be motivated to strive to learn to seize more opportunities.

Let’s review some photos of the signing ceremony