Solemnly organizing the conference program: Introducing the joint training program between East Asia University (TOA) – Japan and Nguyen Trai University (NTU) – Vietnam

This morning (October 30, 2019), Nguyen Trai University solemnly held a seminar: Introduction of joint training program between NTU and TOA.

Also this morning, 4 K18 students majoring in Japanese Language successfully passed the direct interview round, preparing to conquer their dream in beautiful Japan in April 2020.

Attend the program, respectfully present

On the side of Nguyen Trai University

  1. Dr. Nguyễn Tiến Luận, Chairman of the Board of Directors, President of the university
  2. Dr. Trinh Thanh Binh – Executive Director of the university
  3. MSc Tran Thi Lan – Head of International Relations Department, Vice Dean of Faculty

Of International Studies with all students K18 and K19 majoring in Japanese Language.

On the side of East Asia University – Japan

  1. Professor Dr. Kouji Kushida: President or of Dong A University
  2. Associate Professor Dr. Ryuen Hiramatsu: Deputy Executive Director of ASEAN Center – East Asia University
  3. Professor Genichiro Shimura- Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd.

The seminar was exciting and open with an introduction about Dong A University, geographic location, majors, tuition, job opportunities … came from Associate Professor Dr. Ryuen Hiramatsu: Deputy Managing Director of ASEAN Center – East Asia University.

Hopefully, students of Trai University will have more and more efforts in studying, setting goals and taking full advantage of the opportunities that the school offers.

Some pictures of the program: