Student exchange program between Nguyen Trai University and Dong A University (Japan)

This morning, representatives of Nguyen Trai University and Dong A University (Japan) had a short discussion and reached an agreement on the Student Exchange Program between the two universities.

On the representatives of two universitiels, including:

  • o Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan – President of Nguyen Trai University.
  • o Mr. Ryuuen Hiramatsu – Associate Professor of the Faculty of Arts (Institute of Integrated Sciences) – Representative of East Asia University – ASEAN Sub-Institute.

After the discussion, representatives of Dong A University (Japan) had a face-to-face interview (without interpretation) with NTU students to select students who are eligible to participate in Exchange program starting  in April next year. Sharing after the interview, Mr. Hiramatsu assessed that NTU students are very active, confident and understand quite a lot about Japanese culture but because most of them are freshmen and have just approached and learned Japanese so their speaking skills are not good yet, but he believes that in the coming time, they  will improve and inhance  their Japanese skills so that when   the program starts, they will not be surprised when coming to Japan.

And among the students who passed the Student Exchange Program, there were 3 lucky students who received a scholarship  worth VND 120,000,000 (equivalent to tuition fees for studying in Japan during the program). Sharing  after receiving the scholarship, most of the common mentality of the students was quite unexpected and happy, although it was a bit worried because this was the first time they were far from their family to a different country  but they are ready and will prepare the best luggage for the trip. I wish you a happy studying trip in Japan and achieve good results !!!

Student Exchange Program in Japan is a highlight of the training strategy of Applied University of Nguyen Trai University: Students will learn, experience working in a professional environment, visit the beautiful country-Japan, improve Japanese ability … and especially help students to access to advanced education in the world. Through this program along with the programs that Nguyen Trai University is implementing such as Internship program, Student exchange, Bachelor transfer (2 + 2, 3 + 1), …. After graduation, NTU students will have enough qualifications and ability to work for businesses and multinational corporations from Japan and Korea.

Some pictures of the interview and scholarship award: