With the goal of “Students are No. 1”, Nguyen Trai University always the best conditions for students in their learning process, aiming at building the learning environment toward to to the criterias: Professional – Friendly – Dynamic.

To ensure the quality of training, Nguyen Trai University has been actively investing in and improving the system of infrastructure and teaching facilities to achieve the international standard.

Studying conditions

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1 at 266 Doi Can Street, Hanoi

Nguyen Trai University has two Installations, the Installation 1 is at 266 Doi Can Street, Hanoi; the Installation 2 is at 36A Pham Van Dong, Hanoi with total area of building is 7122 m2. In which the total area of the auditorium and classrooms is 5906 m2; total area of lab, laboratory and multifunctional hall is 1,088 m2.

Currently, the university is conducting the preparation of investment to Nguyen Trai Education Zone projects with an area of 340,000 m2 in the district of Ha Dong (Ha Noi). Which is designed by the experts and supported by the foreigners would create favorable conditions for training, research, high-quality services of NTU.

co so vat chat1The Nguyen Trai Education Project with the area of 340,000 m2 in Ha Dong (Ha Noi)

Classrooms System: All the classrooms at both installations are decorated with modern equipment such as projectors, air conditioning, sound system, lighting equipment systems and ventilation to actively support for both learning and teaching activities.

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All classrooms in NTU are well equipped by different types of Mass Media and fully supported devices for training and scientific research. The computer network system is synchronized, using the software provided by Microsoft.

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Art classrooms:

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the images at a drawing class at NTU

Nguyen Trai University has 3 studios with tools and equipments such as easels, statues and samples for drawing lessons from basic to advanced of students in Architecture, graphics Design and interior Design areas.

Intuitive academic affairs:

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Intuitive academic affairs is where student learning through the model and the typical graduation thesis.

Computer room: The system’s computer rooms at Nguyen Trai University are ensuring the high-speed Internet connection, update technology configuration to meet the requirements of students in studying and practicing.

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Library Information Center: is where full of the curriculum subjects from general to specialized such as Industrial Art Architecture; Fine Arts Building Architecture, Economics, Information Technology are storaged.

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Besides, the Nguyen Trai University library also has thousands of foreign reference books to serve the needs of scientific research of both the students, teachers and staff in the University.

The quantity and quality of the book is updated regularly because the special training of Nguyen Trai University is to catch up with the science in the world.

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Beside the number of constantly updated diverse, NTU library also has a separated reading system rooms for students who has demanded to study at school. The students coming there have received the attention and enthusiastic support of the management of the library staff.

Big Hall: is a place where the collective life activities, workshops, seminars, club activities, internal events for students, teachers and staff, ect., took place. The  Hall has accommodating up to 200 people, equipped with soundproof system, projectors, audio, lighting, and air conditioning in good standard to the maximum meet the needs of living, learning, meetings of students and staff in University.[:]