[:en]The Message from the Chairman Board [:]


“My greatest aspiration is to live to repay the debt and show my gratitude to my teammates;

The greatest reward of my life is my students’ achievement;

The greatest dream of my life is to help students succeed faster than their teachers”

Welcome future freshmen to Nguyen Trai University (NTU). NTU proudly affirm that we are using high quality of teaching and learning with standard curriculum which closely connect to practical and businesses to create students with high incomes jobs and advanced opportunities.

Studying at Nguyen Trai University, students may have more opportunities to study the international standard programme with the dynamic, autonomy and improvement to achieve future success. The students may become the leaders, successful entrepreneurs, talented professionals and global citizens to be ready to start a business and succeed in any modern business environment.

I am honored to welcome you to the community of NTU. With a sustainable education and the approach of global citizens training, we hope that we can accompany with students’ expectations and aspirations, and the dreams of their parents. NTU – where students are No. 1.

The dreams, ambition and aspiration that students bring to NTU are valuable and worthily appreciated.


 Dr. Nguyen Tien Luan

The Chairman of NTU[:]