[:en]The Vision, mission and core values[:]


tam nhin su menh

Nguyen Trai University (NTU) was established in accordance with Decision No. 183 / QD-TTg dated on 05/02/2008 of the Prime Minister. NTU operate under the model of a private university has the autonomy and self-responsibility in all activities.

Stemming from a desire to sacrifice grateful teammates in the war against America, the investors have spent huge funds to establish NTU, attracting enthusiastic and experienced in implementing education and training workforce, making up the reputation of Nguyen Trai University in Vietnam education system.

The Chairman and other members of the Board of Directors has successfully established NTU Development Strategy up to 2020 NTU and the Vision up to 2050 (referred to as Strategy), to build and develop NTU to become a high quality and reputation University and colleges training units in the higher education system of the country.


Nguyen Trai university is a center of training and fostering high-qualified human resources with college, under-graduate and post-graduate level approaching to the international standards; builds and develops environment of academic learning, integrity and humanity culture; contributes an important part to Vietnam higher education cause and international integration.


To become a private under-graduate and post-graduate training center with multi-major and high quality in the group of first-ranked universities in Vietnam, which approaches to international standards and contributes a very important part to the global knowledge economy development. The goal of the university by 2018 is to become one of top-five Vietnam Smart Universities with a modern managing system based on the smart university’s technology.


High Quality

High quality is selected in accordance with the mission and vision towards the regional and the international level to bring the benefit for all staff, students, organizations and society. NTU is committed to providing high quality training products and services, which is expressed in all aspects of operation and the levels of all organizations and individuals. High quality is both the motivation for every act and the targets of all faculty, staff, managers and students.


NTU is a free creative environment and is always encouraged and supportted. Creation is considered the vital factor for outstanding achievements to confirm NTU’s position as professional training services, specifically in the field of banking and finance, architecture and industrial art – the key industry majors – to reach to the national and regional level and towards to the international standard.


NTU has responsibility with society. NTU puts the needs of society in a worth position of objectives and actions; NTU is confidently being the trusted address of the pupils, student and society; We strongly commitment to training products to meet the diverse demand of the labor market. NTU’s social responsibility reflected in our policies, systems and operational documents of NTU and the activities of each member.

Sustainable Development

Foundation for the sustainable development of NTU is the integration of the basic factors including the NTU’s community cultural environment, society, economy and institutions. The appropriate exploitation and rational use of resources, especially human resources to expand and strengthen international cooperation has always been highly appreciated to ensure the the talents’ promotion and meet the country’s development requirements at present and in the future. NTU is a house for everyone, for those who want to bring enthusiasm and knowledge to devote to the education development and Forster the younger generations.

The NTU action slogans are “Honesty and Humanities”, “Learning to change the destiny”, and ” NTU, where’s the dreams of teachers and students are implemented”. All of us, the Board of Management, Leaders and all the staff and students are constantly striving for the growth of Nguyen Trai University.