[:en]SeABank awarded 10 job opportunities for NTU’s Economics- majored students[:]


[:en]In the training model of co-operation with enterprises, students have the opportunity to get to work at enterprises when they attend the lessons at school. Putting the trust in the training quality of NTU, recently, Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SeABank), Ha Dong branch (Hanoi) decided to give 10 job opportunities for NTU’s Economics- majored students, which now has 3 students from K13 QTKD admitted to work at the bank after a period of probation.


SeABank is ranked among the leading commercial bank with a healthy activity and steady growth by the State Bank. In 2015, SeABank received many prestigious awards such as “Best Corporate Services Bank” in Viet Nam by International Financial Magazine (UK); “Popular brands, Competitive brands of Vietnam” by the Vietnamese Intellectual Property Association (VIPA)

Nguyen Minh Trang, the class president from class K13QTKD, leader of the probation group at SeaABank, Ha Dong revealed that the entire group will be admitted to work at SeABank, Ha Dong after a period of probation (from 03.11.2015 to 03.03.2016). The group are working in the Credit Department, will undertake the real position as credit officers.
Trang also revealed that after Tet holiday, she would officially become an assistant for the Sales manager of the Bank.

Nguyen Minh Trang, the class president from class K13QTKD

The training model of co-operation with enterprises which is being performed at NTU is a training model adopted widely in developed countries. According to this model, students will have the opportunities to practice, work directly in enterprises throughout the learning process.
Particularly, the core objective of this model to train students to have a comprehensive development. In addition to academic knowledge, experience, language proficiency, students at NTU are also equipped with 15 additional soft skills and integration skills. Graduates will have more job opportunities with higher income and better job advancement in the future![:]