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[:en]Love Management Lesson For Students At NTU[:]


[:en]In the afternoon on 03.24.2016, Nguyen Trai University (NTU) organized a training course of Love Management Skills for students. This topic attracted the attention of the young people learning at NTU.

Love Management Lesson by Ms Chử Thị Thanh Hương – Psychologist, Team Leader of the “Peaceful Domain” project.

The session covered a range of “hot” topics among students such as cohabitants, love violence, and also provided students some skills on how to deal with being love sick? How to recognize the one who should be chosen? Cohabitation – should or should not?; How to deal with the sexual temptation; How to not make mistakes in sex? How to overcome the psychological trauma? Some Tools of love management.

Chu Kinh Thien, a student from class 15QTK said: “After learning about Love Management, I have a better understanding of my inner thoughts, I understand more about love and other relationships. Before joining the lesson, I believed that love was the feelings when I liked someone. I have not had a really clear definition of love… After the lesson, everything became so defined. Love should be built by many aspects, from the external to the internal beauty and higher education can gain more respect. About the issues of cohabitation, after the lesson yesterday, I believe that it is not as bad as I used to think. I think that if we live together before getting married, we’ll try to understand each other better, it will be helpful for our family life later.”

Love Management also helps the students on how to build a long-lasting relationship. According to Ms Chu Thi Thanh Huong, the psychologist, love only lasts long when we fight together, improve together.

Nguyen Thi Tra Giang, a student from class 14 QHCC said: “The lesson I learned is, nobody is perfect, and therefore we should compromise, express the empathy and tolerance if we want to build and maintain a relationship.”

Agreeing with the opinion of Tra Giang, Nguyen Hung Cuong, a student from class 15QTK1 stated: “Lessons are interesting and meaningful. The lesson I got is that if I want to keep my lover, sometimes I should compromise and understand her inner feelings because everyone has his or her own emotional language, cannot be forced in some ways.”

Love Management Skills are one of the 15 soft skills that Nguyen Trai University includes in the curriculum. These are all essential skills served for work and lives of the young people – the future generation of leaders of the country, including planning skills, communication skills and teamwork skills, presentation skills, leadership skills and emotion management.

(See more at http://daihocnguyentrai.edu.vn/thong-bao-vv-to-chuc-dao-tao-ky-nang-mem-doi-voi-sinh-vien-k2015/)

Wish NTU-ers to have a beautiful and long lasting love